Sunday, August 24, 2008

Introduction to My Blog

My name is Laurel May. I live in California Central Valley area. I have have 5 brothers and sisters and I love my family a ton. I am the penultimate child.

Along with my little sister, Lacey, I will be opening a bakery in the area in 2-5 years. Currently I am attending College to receive education in business so Lacey and I will know what we are doing in the business world.

Baking is my passion. I bake all natural and specialize in cakes, cookies and candy. My sister is marvelous at breads , cake and candy. We will make an excellent team someday. I don't only want to bake for profit. I will bake because it is what I love. My sister and I will open our bakery up for ministry opportunities as well, such as feeding the hungry kids on our hometown streets.

I love seeing people when they eat. Or when people get excited over something like dinner. What could be a routine meal, might turn into a marvelous experience with what we call food. If the cook loves what they are doing and loves people and their could be wonderful.
I believe in food. But I also believe in exercise, fitness and diet. My Mom raised us kids to be healthy and that is how I intend to live.

I learned a lot of what I know from my Mother, Violet. A wonderful cook, she always encouraged us in the kitchen and I am entirely grateful to her. My Dad, Ted, has been a great taste tester over the years.

My family and friends are great supporters of this endeavor and Lacey and I will continue to work toward this dream.


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