Monday, September 1, 2008

Bostom Cream Pie Cake!

So last Saturday I was thoroughly excited for a three day weekend and decided to make the best of it-with cake. I whipped out my new Williams Sonoma Cakes book and started searching. (I got this book for my Birthday from my parents!) I found a Boston Cream Pie Cake recipe. The cake is a simple butter/yellow cake. Best yellow cake I've ever made-very moist and great texture. Then I carved out the middle section of one layer and filled it with a vanilla pastry cream. Then, I topped it with a second cake layer and poured a ganache type glaze over it. Very good.
Also, my sister, Lacey, is inspiring me to take more food pictures and become a better food photographer. So, as you can tell, I am not as good as her yet...but someday I will be!
Lacey has great signatures for her blog posts so I am trying to think of something original to sign my posts with. So far, all I have is my name/middle name, which is what I usually use-and the abbreviation of "All Natural Baker Woman". So yeah...I'm working on something original.

~Laurel May-A.N.B.W.~

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wütende bäcker frau said...

you should put a threat of some sort at the end of your posts.