Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fudge and...Christmas Shows

Hello! It's been a while...but alas. I have made fudge. Three different fudges in the past couple of weeks and only one of them is worth keeping! First two were apple fudges using apple juice and applesauce. Did NOT turn out well at all. Forget apple fudge.
The other one, I made yesterday, turned out beautifully. It is whopper fudge. I used non-hydrogenated whoppers that were pretty pure in ingredients. It was excellent and extremely creamy and smooth. It is a white chocolate base:

It is incredibly yummy.
And of course. My trophy from the Greatest Fair Cookie Contest: sister and I will be selling fudge at two upcoming Christmas shows. It was our Mom's idea and our sis is helping with the aprons.
I can't explain the excitement.


Heathyrre said...

It's called updating.

dolly said...

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Roberthussy said...

Fill the piping bag with the green frosting and, working from the centre, pipe pointed branch shapes towards the edges of the cupcake. Keep doing this, turning the cupcake as you go, until you have the bottom of a tree. Repeat with the next layer up, making the branches shorter. Carry on with more layers, making the branches ever shorter as you get to the top of the tree.